This rental agreement is for use of a 2022 Prime Time Tracer 260BHSLE travel trailer, which is owned by David Bottomley/Mongoose Logistics, LLC. 4605 Fritzke Rd, Dover, Florida 33527

VIN: 5ZT2TRRB8NB521924

Tag number: 21AXED (Florida)

Renter information:

Name: _____________________________________

Address: ________________________________

City: ____________________________ State: _____ Zip code: __________

Phone number with area code: ______________________

Driver’s License Number: ____________________________________ State issued: _____

Date/Time picked up: ________________________

Date/Time returned: _________________________

Total number of days: _____


Weekday nightly(Sun-Sat):


Delivery/Set up/Pick up Fee $3/mile: _________

Non-refundable cleaning fee: $45.00

Waste tank cleaning fee: $50.00

Refundable Damage Deposit:

$250.00 for rentals 3 days or less

$550.00 for rentals 4-7 days

$1000.00 for rentals 8 days or more

Total rental fee due ,including deposit, $45 cleaning fee & delivery fee (if applicable): ______________

Tank emptying fee (if applicable):______________

Total refund due if rental is less than Refundable Damage Deposit : ______________

Rental agreement:

I, ___________________________________________ (renter) agree to the following terms of renting the above described RV travel trailer owned by David Bottomley (Lessor).

1. The relationship between parties to this contract is that of Lessor and Renter. Renters are not and shall not hold themselves out to be an agent or employee of Lessor or in any other capacity other than Renter. Renter shall have no authority to represent or make any commitment binding upon Lessor.

2. Lessor acknowledges that they have carefully examined the RV and all additional equipment and furnishings and acknowledges receipt of same in good condition.

3. Renter is responsible for all damage to, or loss of, the RV, loss of use of the RV while it is being repaired, diminution of the RV’s value caused by the damage to it or repair of it, missing equipment, and a reasonable charge to cover our administrative expenses connected with any damage claim, if damage is caused by Renter’s negligence. Renter must report all accidents or incidents of theft and vandalism to the police as they are discovered. Damaged glass, tires, rims, and components of the undercarriage are the responsibility of Renter and not Lessor.

4. If the RV is inoperable for more than 24 hours, the Lessor’s liability to you is limited to the daily rental rate times the number if days vehicle is inoperable. Malfunctions of the air-conditioning, refrigerator, microwave, generator, or any other malfunctions of convenience items should be reported ASAP to the Lessor.

5. Renter will provide liability insurance that is primary, and will provide coverage for bodily injury and property with limits no higher than the minimum levels prescribed by the vehicular financial responsibility laws of the state where the damage or loss occurs. Renter’s towing vehicle insurance covers PIP, medical payments, no-fault and uninsured and under-insured motorist coverage. Lessor must meet the qualification requirements for Renter’s insurance and no RV will be leased unless Renter so qualifies. Coverage applies in the United States, its territories and possession, and Canada. Coverage is void if Renter violates the terms of this Agreement, or if Renter fails to cooperate in any loss investigation conducted by Lessor or its insurer. Giving the vehicle to an unauthorized driver terminates Renter’s liability insurance coverage. If Renter is an insured under a policy of insurance which covers any loss or damage resulting from the operation of any rented vehicle, Lessor shall exercise all rights available under said insurance, take all action necessary to process said claim, and provide any and all proceeds from insurance to Lessor.

6. In the event of an accident, Renter will advise Lessor IMMEDIATELY and submit a full written report to Lessor within 24 hours.

7. Renter agrees that the RV will only be operated by Renter unless prior arrangements have been made for other driver’s to tow the RV. Renter further agrees that any individual who is under the influence of alcohol or narcotics of any kind will not tow the RV. Renter agrees that the RV will not be used for illegal purpose, be towed over rough terrain, or be towed in excess of safe speed with regard to prevailing conditions. Renter agrees to pay all traffic and parking violations.

8. Renter agrees to return the RV in the same condition as when rented, except ordinary wear. Renter agrees there is NO SMOKING or VAPING in the RV at any time. There is a $500 cleaning fee if RV has been smoked or vaped in.

9. Renter agrees that in the event Lessor is unable to make the RV available to Renter for the terms of this agreement, all prepayment by Renter will be refunded and further agrees that Renter shall have no liability beyond this point.

10. Renter agrees that NO CREDIT OR REFUND will be given if the RV is returned prior to the expiration date of this contract, and in such event, Renter will still be required to pay all charges as if the RV were returned at such date. Renter further agrees to pay Lessor for any period during which the RV is held beyond the expiration time on this contract at the rate of $200 plus daily rental fee. Renter further agrees to pay upon demand by Lessor any rental fees lost to or liabilities incurred be Lessor due to down time of the unit for the repair of damage or collision damage caused by Renter.

11. In the event the RV is not returned by Renter to Lessor, David Bottomley: Renter agrees to pay, upon Lessor’s demand, in addition to all other sums payable and all other liabilities incurred under this contract, a full day’s charge for each day or fraction thereof, plus $4.00 per mile until the unit is recovered and returned. “ Warning: Failure to promptly return the leased property may result in criminal prosecution as provided by MSA 609.52 Subd. 2(9)”.

12.In the event of a breach of any terms and provisions of the contract by Renter, Lessor may without prior demand, take possession of the RV by entry upon Renter’s premises if necessary, with or without due process of law. In the event of any breach, Renter shall be liable for all expenses incurred by Lessor, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs expended to enforce collection, and in addition, Renter shall be liable for all damages suffered by Lessor as a result of such breach.

13.If any provisions of this Agreement is deemed void or unenforceable, the remaining provisions are valid and enforceable.

14. By signing below, you, the Renter, agrees to all the terms and applications as mentioned above.

________________________________ __________ ______________________________

Signed (Renter) Date Printed name (Renter)

________________________________ __________ ______________________________

Signed (Lessor) Date Printed name (Lessor)

Cancellation Policy

Renters are entitled to a full refund for all cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the rental start date. Renters are entitled to a 50% refund, for all cancellations made at least 14 days prior to the rental start date. Less than 14 days prior to the rental start date, the booking is non-refundable. A 24-hour cancellation grace period is given to all bookings made at least 7 days prior to the rental start date. For all bookings made within 7 days of the rental start date, a 1-hour grace period is given. If a booking is cancelled during a grace period, a full refund will be granted.